Tuesday, March 14, 2017

close up of Vincent painting

Close up of this technique.  This was more like drawing with semi-hard pastels over the intense watercolor underpainting.

Vinny finished

Finished painting. 14X11" on sanded board.

Vincent day 2

Second day filling in more.  Notice that I have gone over the background with pastel too.

underpainting with watercolor

  1.  This is the start for a painting of my cat Vincent.  It is brilliant watercolor all over, then when dry, I sketched in the image.This is the reference photo.  

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pastel 3-4-2017

This is the last try.  The white was fun...no pure white, all tints.  This was on 400 grit paper, with an alcohol wash in the drawing process.  It is always interesting to try someone else's technique as it expands the choices available.

My first try with Stephanie's technique.  I liked the loose background and the work of painting with first and secondary colors into tints and shades.

These are the three warm up exercises we did in the Stephanie Birdsall workshop. March 2017