Friday, April 27, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Celedon bowl

I enjoyed doing the carving on the leather hard clay to get the design on this 8" bowl.

The Celedon green glaze is not as vibrant as I wanted, probably because my clay isn't porcelain.
I have never been able to throw with porcelain, but got some porcelain "like" clay to try next time I want to get a richer green.

white thrown clay, carved decoration, celedon glaze cone 10

copper red tea cups with lids

The lids keep the tea hot while steeping, and then they turn over to receive the tea bag.

Red is a very hard color to get, and hard to control. You can see where the kiln didn't reduce enough on one side of the cups to turn it to red. But, I kind of like the combination. The red is so nice on the side that the white just sets it off.

Wheel thrown cone 10 white clay, copper red glaze.

6 inch bowl

I really like this combination of glazes. I love the throwing process and find glazing to be very challenging. This one worked, but I have several really bad ones.

Thrown white cone 10 clay with black glaze and over-dip of rutile glaze, red iron stamp decoration.