Sunday, March 31, 2013

11" Chickadee Platter
white porcelainate stoneware with colored slip.  Carved and clear glazed.
This is one of my favorite birds and I am pleased with the color. 

9X12"  Coral Pink Sand Dunes
Well the color ought to knock your socks off.  I love the sky and I think the sage and foliage is successful.  I want to do this one again, but tone down the orange dunes.  It was vivid in natural color, but this is too intense for me.
14X11" Zion Park 2013
I really learned a lot about doing the rock on this one.  And the intense sky and rock color is what I was trying to learn...darker, intense, vivid color.  The trees are still a mystery to me.  More practice.  But I like this one.
14 X 11" Zion Park
This is my first attempt at a painting after the workshop with Terri Ford.  I think the foliage on the trees is awkward but I am learning.  The blue haze is too much and to patchy, but it was an interesting try.  I'll post my first two from the workshop next

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

8 " Hummingbird Plate

I wanted to reverse the contrast technique I had used last year by carving though lighter slips to expose darker clay underneath.  The top colored slip is a lighter shade of celedon compared to the celedon I used on the white clay.  The contrast is more subtle and the darker clay body has some interesting variations seen as a dark speckle.
Although I found this experiment interesting, my next series will be on white porcelain, which will be glazed with clear soon.

close up for carving

Chickadee plate

12" stoneware.  Three layered slip on dark clay body.  Carved.